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MDM Show Scotch

2008 AQHA Bay Gelding

Sugar Bars Show Off Sonny Sugar Sugar Bars
Glitter Mount
Lobos Showoff Lobo Blue
Little Dod
Larks Hollywood Button High Lark Vaquero Lark
high Button Bars
Miss Holly Go Jeto Jac
Sheza Picture

Yeller,Spoke, Bay, Jelly Bean 033

Jet is a 6 Year Old Bay, Started Head Horse, Heel Horse, Ranch Horse.

15.1 HH 1100 lbs


Hickory Smart Jose

2005 AQHA Bay Gelding

Joes High Hickory High Brow Hickory Doc’s Hickory
Grulla San
Nortons Valentino Doctor Norton
Zippos Valentine
Doc T Peppy Smart Jose Smart Little Lena
Uno Dixie
Margots Otra Peppy Doc T Bar
Otra Peppy

Joey, R&R, Colby 017

R&R is a 9 Year Old Bay, Heel Horse, Started Calf Horse, Ranch Horse.

14.3 HH 1050 lbs


MRJK The Cowboy Man

2006 AQHA Gray Gelding

Cowboy Triplecolonel Cowboy Victory Lenas Victory
Pocos Lil Cowboy
Miss Colonel Girl Triple Colonel
Miss Habit Girl
DB Diamond Hancock Frosty Gray Hancock Frosty Feature
Tiny Bay Hancock
Spinners Diamond Majestic Spinner
Krogs Bingo Pine

15.0 HH 1150 lbs

Cochise is a 8 Year Old Gray, Head Horse, Heel Horse, Ranch Horse.


Track In The Powder

2006 AQHA Sorrel Gelding

HR Solenas Starchex Star Chex Badger Peppy San Badger
Docs Star Chex
Smart Solena Smart Little Lena
Double Go Solano
Powder Tracks Smart Little Pistol Smart Little Lena
Miss Silver Pistol
Blazing Tracks Docs Superstar Bar
Missy Leo Reed

AZ MAR 008

14.2 HH 1000 lbs

Powder is a 8 Year Old Sorrel, Turn Back Horse, Ranch Horse.


Doc Doc Skip

2005 AQHA Gray Gelding

Doc Doc San Peppy Cee Doc Freckles Doc Clabber
Cee The Freckles
Tari Glo Peppy Glo San Peppy
Topsy Tari
Miss Skipa Tailwind Destined Royal Tailwind
Clasic Cash
Skip Tres Goldie Skip Tres Bar
Skip Badlands 278

This Gelding will be in the Performance Horse Sale at Northlands March 29th 2014.

15.1 HH 1150 lbs

Husker is a 9 Year Old Gray, Head Horse, Ranch Horse.


BSR Sigs Star

2009 AQHA Brown Gelding

Lil Badger Starlight Badger Starlight Peppy San Badger
Doc’s Starlight
Dry San Annie Dry San
Dynamite Smoke
Butlers Sonoita Sigs Butler Teddy Blue Bar
Sigs Call Girl
Shur Doc Sonoita Freedoms Shur Doc
Victoria Tivio

Feb AZ 018

15.0 HH 1100 lbs

Brownie is a 5 Year Old Brown Heel Horse, Head Horse.


You Owe Me Cash

2001 AQHA Sorrel Gelding

Dashing With Cash First Down Dash Dash For Cash
First Prize Rose
I Owe You Me Merridoc
Miss Fashion Hoc Ad Hoc Alamitos Bar
Chu Chu Machine
Diamond Jancy Winning Note
Diamond Jan

15.2 HH 1250 lbs

This gelding is in the Silver Sage Horse Sale Saturday March 22, 2014.


Billy Reed Rusty

2003 AQHA Sorrel Gelding

Billy Broncho One Eyed Cody Bill Cody
Barbara Wilson
Bay Broncho Targhee
Trudy Dawn
Leos Montana Star Billy Bar Sorrel Billy Broncho
Bold Nettie
Cally Ko Star Leo’s Pacos Joe
Flashy Poo

15.0 HH 1100 lbs

Elliot is a 11 Year Old Sorrel, Head Horse, Heel Horse, Ranch Horse.



2006 Grade Sorrel Gelding

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Yeller,Spoke, Bay, Jelly Bean 057

Spoke is a 8 Year Old Sorrel Head Horse, Ranch Horse.

15.2 HH 1250 lbs


Peppy Bruno

2006 AQHA Bay Gelding

MC B Que Paza Que Paza Doc Peppy San Badger
Doc’s Shasta
Hurricane Jamaica Ciclone
Jamaica Jill
Starbert Bruno Nikki Starbert Star Bruno Bango Star
Starbert Ina
Starbert Show Girl Gutherie Double Star
Miss Leo Sandy

Yeller,Spoke, Bay, Jelly Bean 002

Bruno is a 8 Year Old Bay, Ranch Horse.

15.0 HH 1150 lbs