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County Dry

2004 AQHA Bay Roan Gelding

Cooke County Mounty Cooke County ETC Tivio Jessie James
Cleo Pan
Checkmate Music Leo Tolo
Choosey Music
RR Dry Frost Gal Birthday Dry Dry Doc
Gay Bar Ann
Blue Frost Gal Tomichis Image
Am I Country

Ringo is a 7 Year Old Bay Roan Seasoned Head Horse, Heel Horse, Ranch Gelding.


WFR Pretty Gold

2003 AQHA Sorrel Gelding

Gold N Design Gold Skedadle Skedadle Chick
Miss Sure Gold
Sherry Roan Peppy’s Tiller
Waddy Twist
Docs Blueeyed Pawnee Fintry Docs Pokey Jujo’s Jay Bar
Pretty Kitty Cat
Dollys Bobetta Count The Kats
Dartin Dolly

Baldy is a 8 Year Old Sorrel Seasoned Head Horse, Ranch Gelding.



2001 Grade Red Dun Gelding

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10 Year Old Red Dun, Ranch Horse, Head Horse, Heel Horse.


Steves Roanie

2006 AQHA Red Roan Gelding

Krogs Blue Limo Docs Shady Blue Redmount Blue
Benitos Angel
Eager Ellen Paprika Pine
Krogs Scamp
Jubilee Blue Genuine Onyx Sonny Vista Bar
Foggy Evening
Glory Be Sweet Pea Blue’s Glory Bee
Lady Holly Hill

Steve is a 5 Year Old Red Roan Ranch Gelding.


Special By QT

2000 AQHA Grullo Gelding

Escorts Bartender Shady Escort Imperial Bar One
Miss Super Royalle
Keyo Sage Twist Holiday Twist
Bar X Smokey Gal
Glenco Bars Ima QT Glencoe Bars Red Leo Glencoe Bars
Hortons Leo San
Glencoe Mint Goldbar Glencoe Bars
Red Mint

QT is a 11 Year Old Ranch Horse, Trail Horse.


BSR Butler Chex Jet

2006 AQHA Bay Roan Gelding

Sigs Butler Teddy Blue Bar Hy Blue Bar
Strawberry Dream
Sigs Call Girl Skip Jabobus
Sig’s Frosty
BSR Blues Sugar Jet Blues Wyo Jet Blue’s Beard
Heather Dividend
Laico Sugar Chex Bar Eleven Chex
Laico Lou

Sailor is a 5 Year Old Bay Roan Gelding, Finished Heel Horse.

MFR Colonel Cashmere

2001 AQHA Sorrel Gelding

The Little Colonel Colonel Freckles Jewel’s Leo Bars
Christy Jay
Otoe Mia Otoe’s Hand
Rosa Linda Mia
Lace N Cashmere Power Of Cash Dash For Cash
River Witch
Lacy Rock n Easy Rocking Easy
Laughing Clegg

Puzzeler is a 10 Year Old Sorrel Gelding,Finished Heel Horse.


One Sassy Tee

2007 AQHA Sorrel Gelding

Im One Sassy Doc Genuine Doc Doc Bar
Gay Bar’s Gen
KW Sassy Gold Sassy Doc
Specks Golden Girl
Rios Tee San Rio Lena Gold Ole San Rio
Special Gold San
Bonanza Patio Salts Bonanza
Diamond Patio

Frank is a Started, Sorrel Gelding.


Catch Two Wrap

2003 AQHA Buckskin Gelding

Colonel Eyed Two Eyed Red Buck Mr Baron Red
Ima Tyree
So Watch Freckles Colonel Boots Bar
So Dusty Moore
Dessies Dun Terra Dun Gunsmoke Eagle’s Gunsmoke
Reed Bar’s Darky
Dessie Poverett Destiny Poverty
Ronna Hancock

Lefty is a 8 Year Old Buckskin Gelding, Ranch Horse.


Misty Boy Rose

2004 AQHA Palomino Gelding

Chex Bueno Doc Doc Bueno Egger Doc’s Cylip
Poco Miss Lindo
Docs Stormy Sally Doc Stormy
Sally Lex Chex
Go Misty Rose Daytona Dee Dee Bar Bright
Madam Day
Super Misty Rose Super Sonny Jo
Dandy Scarlet

Franklin is a 7 Year Old Palomino Gelding, Finished Head and Heel Horse, RanchHorse.