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Fancy Hicks Highland

2009 AQHA Red Dun Gelding

Chari Hickory Hickorydickorydoc Doc’s Hickory
Benito Creep
Charisma Prom Super H Bar
Benji’s Beauty
Highland Fancy LJSR Smokey Sweet Sandy Tivio
Sweet An Sassy Smoke
Highland One Dialogee
Goldies Pleasure

Hicks 018

Hicks is a Red Dun 6 Year old, Ranch Horse, Head Horse, Heel Horse.

15.0 HH 1150 lbs

This Gelding will be available for viewing in Arizona until mid March!


Susys Stunner

2008 AQHA Brown Gelding

Hot Heels Hanabar Hanabar Red Show Bar Bob
Hanabar Blue
Rising Rose Tom Mcgin
Antler’s Blue
Susy Draw N Fire PC Draw N Fire PC Fire N Smoak
Poc Wood
Tuf Susy Hancock Guatemala Canal
Dry Fork Ada

Oct 27 Horses 082

Stunner is a Brown 6 Year old, Ranch Horse.

15.1 HH 1150 lbs


Reess Pretty Jimmy

2008 AQHA Gray Gelding

Jimantily Chick N San Peppy San Badger
Chick Tari
Sable Lining Strait Silver
Miss Sable San
Reess Pretty Penny Reess Gray Banker NM Mega Banker
No Motion
Sugar Bardon Cutie Bardon Peppy Doc
Sugar Scoot Cutie

northlnds 011

Jimmy is a Gray 6 Year old, Ranch Horse, Heel Horse.

15.0 HH 1100 lbs


Frosty Roan Leo

2003 AQHA Bay Roan Gelding

MC Poco Driftwood Sams Fiddler Son Of A Doc
Colonels Lady Bars
Dragonwood Lady Poco Speedy
Driftwood Miss
Tiny Roan Leo Frosty Gray Hancock Frosty Feature
Tiny Bay Hancock
Bar CJ Mistrose Sonny’s Showman
Kate’s Roan

Hoody, Fiddle,4 yr old 032

15.1 HH 1150 lbs

Fiddler is a 11 Year Old Bay Roan, Head Horse, Ranch Horse.


Te Eyed Bailey

2001 AQHA Red Roan Gelding

Two Eyed Rockin Roan Krogs PappyLeo Papirika Pine
Jacks Pretty Lady Three Sock Jack
Sassy Twoeyed Pine
Miss Sunny Te Bailey Johnny Go Te Sonny Go Te
Redfords Gold
Baileys Cat McCue Bailey Guy
Kandy Ginger

Hoody, Fiddle,4 yr old 047

15.2 HH 1250 lbs

Hoody is a 13 Year Old Red Roan, Head Horse, Ranch Horse.


Parr Gals Lil Tucker

2001 AQHA Sorrel Gelding

Lil Red Tuckerchex Doc Tom Tucker Doc Bar
Tonette Tivio
Nunes Bonny Chex Bueno Chex
Bonny Kramer
Shoot For Parr Gal Skip Zan Parr Zan Parr Bar
Skip’s Foam
Bards Miss Parker Bard Parker
Wyoming Miss

Lori's Horses 061

14.3 HH 1100 lbs

13 Year Old AQHA, Heel Horse, Ranch Horse .


Demalta Mister Sail

1999 AQHA Sorrel Gelding

Demalta Skippers Bug JJ June Bug Bugs Alive In 75
Cari None
Scottish Coco Scottish Sail
Dividend Lady 18
KC Misty Minderella Escorts Bartender Shady Escort
Keyo Sage Twist
Kenna’s Custus Stormy Custus
Miss Fancy Blair

Lori's Horses 008

16.0 HH 1300 lbs

15 Year Old Sorrel Head Horse .


Smart Like TJ

2010 AQHA Bay Roan Gelding

BSR Peppy Mace Some Little Peppy Peppy San Badger
Something Lovely
Ok Fritz Mace Olde King Fritz
Sigs Ginger
Jada Badger Olena JBS Badges Smokem Peppy Badge Olena
Patty O Lea
Echo Sunbeam My Sandy Joe Jack
Sunbird Too

Hoody, Fiddle,4 yr old 013

15.0 HH 1050 lbs

Mace is a nicely started 4 Year Old Gelding .


MCR Simply Chips

2003 AQHA Bay Gelding

Dreams N Legends Zan Living Legend Zips Chocolate Chip
Zans Tifffany Ann
Zippos Queen O Heart Zippo Pine Bar
Tardys Valentine
MCR Simply Shocking Zip Along Cassidy Zippos Doug Two
Lynda Lee Cass
Shocks Fancilady Shock Em
Mach Gold

Chip 002.

15.0 HH 1150 lbs

Chip is a 11 Year Old Bay, Heel Horse, Ranch Horse



2005 Grade Sorrel Gelding

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Chad 019

Chad is a 9 Year Old Grade Sorrel, Head Horse, Ranch Horse.

15.2 HH 1200 lbs